big dreams

Months ago when trying to figure out which city I would start out my time in Canada in I stumbled on tourism ads for Newfoundland.

Since then I’ve been rather obsessed.

For the past while I’ve been hatching a plan, a mighty one that involves, taking a few trips east and checking the area out. I plan on Easter being my first visit, and if all goes well I’ll go back.

My gut says yes, go for it, and for once my head is in agreement.

Tomorrow I start saving for a little house overlooking the vast expanse of ocean.

Tonight, I start looking for an immigration lawyer.

*image source new foundland and labrador tourism

Note: Toronto is awesome, for now. Longterm I need salty ocean air.

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One Response to big dreams

  1. Kate says:

    I love that you’ve emerged from a shit time with dreams and goals and a happy future planned out in front of you. GO YOU!

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