On now

I’ve dropped 10kg since moving here in November, I never realised how much stress impacted on me, until now. I’m about 5kgs off being my pre bloody breakup weight, and I’ll be happy when that’s off, I’ll tell you that much.

I still only have work until the end of the month, but I have an odd but good feeling that things will work out. That, and hard work.

Loving my new gym, not as awesome as my old one back in Welly, but it’s not too crowded, is near my house, has a running track, and the people at the desk know my name.

It’s still hard to make new friends when you are not in a job for very long and moving about BUT the ones I have made so far, are wonderful.

Two weeks annual leave here is the norm. A group of us are already trying to plan a budget fun weekend out of town for a public holiday in late February. At the moment I am the only one with any steady work. When we all eventually get work, we’ll go out to eat, so we can afford to tip!

This week I’ve realised how much I’ve grown as a person, and as a friend. One of my old friends commented the other day that it was like having the old Lucinda back, and he is right. I’m happy, and it feels just like home.

Tomorrow is Friday and my housemate and I are going to costco! I’m thinking I won’t need to buy oats until my visa runs out, ha.

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