2011 in review

I pushed my boundaries in 2011. It was a difficult year, but I also achieved some amazing things too. I chose to continue seeing the glass as half full, and focussed on the positive, and to also try to let go of things that were holding me back, I also worked my arse off.

– Organising a world wide fun run with friends – this was an experience I will never forget. We were determined to make a positive out of a horrid event. We raised almost $20,000 and were continually amazed with people and their generosity.

– Two more half marathons, bringing to the total to four. I’ve got slower, but I still love them just as much, I think it’s my favourite distance whilst still being able to keep up a social life!

– Japan. I LOVED it. Can’t stop telling people how wonderful it is. And cannot wait to go back. It definitely on my place to live in list.

– Plane travel. I was on a plane or two every month this year. I have horrid motion sickness, but love travelling about, even if it is work related. Though some of my travel was fun related!

– Canada, or should I say Toronto, as that’s the only place I’ve been in so far!

-Debt smackdown – paid off over 50% of my debt! Whoop!

2012 is all about focussing on getting fitter and losing those kgs, dropping the debt, and making a travel plan for 2012 that is affordable whilst still being able to see all the places I want to!

Thanks for all your support this year, it’s been a blast!

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