Being SMART in 2012

I’m generally not a jargon type person. But I have been thinking about goals for 2012 of late. I have got alot of things I want to do and see. But in 2012 I want to put alot of effort into two things.

1. My weight

Specific: I need to lose about 44kgs (sheesh) to get to a healthy weight range.

Measurable: Umm see above.

Achieveable: 44 /52 = just over 800 grams per week. Do I think it’s achievable? yes and no. That’s alot to consistently lose over 12 months. The recommeneded is 500g-1kg per week, and on average it’s 500g.

Realistic: I think it is more releatic to aim for 600g on average per week, and anything more is a bonus. Basically the weight needs to come off, it has for a long time, and with the PCOS it’s going to be additionally harder, but not impossible.

Time based: 600g per week is around a 30kg loss over the next 12 months.

Now the plan is…

I’ve signed up for Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation Programme starting on February 13, they have a prep stage that starts on January 16th.

I should point out, I’m not giving up on weight watchers, I just want to try something different – it’s the same it’s still calories in calories out, but I just need to change things up a little. Plus I wanted a programme that I had to do the hard work for too. My aim for those 12 weeks is to lose 15kg, I’m going at it 110% and will be interested to see the results.

I’ve joined a local gym, and signed up for a bootcamp starting January 9th (Well I’ve sent them an email – hoping they still have a spot!)

I’ll be talking a little bit each month about how my weight loss efforts are going, but most of it will be done here.

2. My finances.

Specific: I want to get rid of all my debt, excluding my student debt in 2012.

Measurable: Around $7000 none of it is interest bearing. And no, none of it is from my Japan trip or the move here. I saved up for those, whilst still paying down the debt in 2011.

Achievable: This is entirely dependent on my salary, which at the moment is fluctuating because I am temping. I may have the opportunity to begin a contract role in February which would keep me employed until my visa expired at the end of 2013. It will most likely pay less than what I earned in NZ, but it will be a consistent pay cheque, reasonable working hours, and I think it is the smart choice – if it goes that way. The market here is VERY tight.

Realistic – I’ve made a budget based on all my current expenses plus any other ones I may need to think about, and savings. I have a friend who is an accountant that goes through this with me, so I’m not underestimating stuff, but also so I still have money to do things I want to do. I am willing to work harder at it this year, to more money to free up beyond 2012. At the moment I can commit to paying off $3000 over the year. Any additional money I make over that threshold will also go into my repayments.

Time based: 12 months $3000 any additional money I earn, or get back in tax, goes into to paying off more.

Now the plan is…

I kind of feel like I am repeating myself here.

  • Make sure my budget is realistic.
  • Keep up my savings goals – 14% of whatever I earn in each paycheque.
  • Any additional money that I earn either via a higher salary or freelance work, will go into paying off the debt.
  • I will update how things are going about once a month, and will keep a tally going on the sidebar too.

I don’t own a credit card, it is great NOT having one.

My student debt isn’t interest bearing, and will be deducted from my salary when I return to Australia. That said, if I get a decent salary sooner than expected, I will start paying that off too. But only after the rest!

Do you have goals for the new year? Big or small? Dream big friends!



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One Response to Being SMART in 2012

  1. kathryn says:

    If you want to combine your jobs, go to the “yes and yes” web site and check out her book on working holidays. there is a section about working planting trees in Canada. Good money and it’s got to be a calorie burner! I’ve been trying to convince my son to do it.

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