When the dust settles…

I’ve arrived, well I’ve been here for about a month and a half now. Time is speeding along.

– House. Check – Living in a HUGE house in an apparently downtown suburb. I can still walk commute to work! House tour will be appearing shortly!

– Job. Kind of Check – The market here is VERY tight. I’m temping at the moment, and even that market is tight. I have confirmed work until end of January. But I also have the possibility of permanent work until the end of my visa (but not a career move position). I’ve got a bit of thinking to do over the holiday break, about why I am here, and what I want from my time here. A super stressful 90 hour plus work week, been there, done that. I need to also remind myself that I won’t be any less employable when I head back ‘home’ – wherever that is?!

– Health. Besides the usual moving country again hiccups, and some post relationship craziness. I am glad to report that I am possibly the least stressed I’ve been in my life, and it’s made a huge difference to me and those around me in general. If I need help/support I’ll ask. And I’ve also finally admitted to myself that my last relationship was so destructive and unsupported in so many ways that of course it was going to take me a lot longer to deal with it than I thought – and that is just fine, I’m human. So yes, calmer waters, happy camper.

– Toronto. Really cool city. To be honest when I first arrived I thought it was umm, a bit bland. But now I am spending more time exploring neighbourhoods and heading out, it really is an amazing city. It is apparently VERY mild weather for this time of year. It’s snowed once, and it melted as soon as it hit the ground. Needless to say you’ll hear about it when the snow hits.

I’m spending the next week working on adventures for the next 12 months, so will be reporting on that over the next week or two and beyond. Going to take this space to the next level, oh an me!



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