monday, i’m in love

It’s been a busy week or so here. I’ve finished house/cat sitting, and am currently hanging out at a local hostel until I head off (which makes me feel like I am on holiday already!).

I’m off for a part of this week to Sydney this week for work, then back for a final week in Wellington. I’m on a plane to Auckland next Friday and another to San Francisco the next day! And yes, I’, still in denial!

Bon Iver – Discovered him by listening to his CD on my Air NZ flight back from Tokyo. Have purchased a ticket for his concert in Toronto in December! Squeee!

Cheese – I’ve been adding it to my dinner salads – and actually having the serving size, rather than the entire block.

Living with less – Yes I am down to my pack, smaller back pack, and yoga mat. I just need to get my pesky grocery bag full of random stuff down further. The less I take with me, the better!

All Blacks – I never understood the NZ obsession with rugby until this week. The entire country is behind them. The buzz is incredible. If they win the final, I cannot imagine what it will be like. I feel blessed to be here and to witness history. This is an amazing country.

No 2 Job – It finishes tomorrow night – yes! More time for saying goodbye and haunting my favourite gym classes and enjoying Spring, before I head to the opposite hemisphere.


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