my body, my love

I wouldn’t go as far to say I’ve hated my body, but sometimes my thoughts have circled about it. Mainly because I thought it was useless, failed to function properly, and on the very very rare occasion people have been unkind about it (very very rare).

Today I did a circuit class at a gym, a hardcore one, like sprinting across the floor lugging heavy weights, sprinting back, doing a prone hold, burpees, and hauling about weight bags like I was rocky. I felt sick by the end, and I loved every damn minute of it.

My body has and does some pretty amazing things.

– I can outsprint a lot of people, a lot. Tiny girls that spend a lot of time on the cross trainer (to each their own), but yeah, their jaw drops every time I pass them during a speed session.

– I’ll pretty much give any workout a go. Last week I was doing box jumps indoors, misjudged and did some kind of kamikaze leap back and landed without knocking my self out.

– I’ve run a marathon, and except for the drink stops, I ran the entire way.

– I’ve run 4 half marathons.

– I can hold a full prone hold (plank) for two minutes plus.

– I can’t stand pull ups (my trainer tells me no-one really likes them – I seriously thought it was just me). But I do them every time during training, sometimes I need assistance toward the end, seriously do not want to fall off that thing and into the hard floor!

– I’ve completed 3 boot camps, like full on running in the rain at 6am whilst carrying a 15kg weight bag for a bloody long time.

-If I am having trouble with an exercise I will do the modified version, but I will ALWAYS try the full on version at least three times before I modify it. I’m rather stubborn like that.

-I’ll pretty much always smile during my workout, the only time I don’t is if someone is trying to explain something to me, and I’m concentrating on what they are actually showing me – and then I’m away.

– I love hill climbing in spin class. The best advice I can give anyone that is larger and is worried about getting into running is to start spin classes asap. They will build up your leg power in no time, but you need to go 3+ times a week – that’s what worked for me.

– I’m a strong swimmer. My ex used to not be that keen on ocean and open water swimming, so we used to go out and I would trail along behind and along side during training swims for a lot of the time. Or if she was closer into shore I would stand on the beach and keep an eye out and occasionally demand she get back in the water even it meant she had to swim along the shoreline for confidence. Yes I can be firm, but I’m kind about it! I did squad swimming three times a week in my teens, I’m a fish!

The most important thing I do is not judge people (and yes that does include the cross training gals). Don’t ever assume because someone is smaller, larger, or doesn’t fit the ‘fit’ whatever the hell that means that they are not capable.

None of this happened over night, it’s been really hard work, and slow, BUT it has paid off and I wouldn’t change it at all – okay maybe I’d eat less cake.

Do your best, give it go, and give yourself a pat on the back about the awesome stuff your body does and CAN do.

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