in a spin

It’s less than three weeks until I leave. I’m the excited/denial/what on earth am i doing merry go round.

I’m busy meeting with old and new friends catching up, making plans for future visits and travels with them, drinking more coffee than normal, and my diary is crammed full of good byes 😦

Because work is more manageable now, I’m able to fit in lunchtime gym sessions, I haven’t had sessions this regularly in ages. It’s keeping me fit, and I’m not beating myself up over additional farewell drinking.

I had coffee with the person that broke my heart (it’s mending!) a couple weeks back, it was nice, but I sent them an email to let them know I can’t see them again before I go. That was really hard to do. I really miss them. But I need to look after me.

I finish up my most awesome house sit this weekend with the cats. And then I’m in hanging at a hostel before I head out (oh and a side trip to Sydney the week before I leave for work).

I’m trying to save every last penny before I go. So I can spend it on awesome things in Canada, oh and to keep me afloat until I find employment.

I finish second job early next week! I can’t wait. It still feels odd to have weekends.

Last weekend I spend time in Queenstown, as I had scored $10 return tickets, yes $10!

Before Sunday I need to downsize my goods, again. Forgot my yoga mat needs to fit in my pack…

A friend let me borrow his deadwood series. I’ve had tried watching it before, and never been able to get into it, but I normally have a two episode rule then I give up. But I kept going. I may or may not have watched an episode before work this morning, and got the bus in instead of walking in :-S

I trying to have fun, and get a kick out my last few weeks here, I really do love it here. But I want to try something different, I need to!

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One Response to in a spin

  1. Shona says:

    I’m so excited for you, with all these marvellous adventures about to commence.

    Wellington will always be here to return too……there is something about this city that gets into your heart.

    Travel safe 🙂

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