thoughts on a saturday

i’m not made for drinking and late nights, but i had fun nonetheless.

apartment therapy is like crack (not that i have or want to try crack), but i do, want a fabulous apartment, and to live alone.

i know no one in toronto, and will therefore not live alone to begin with.

it’s my last saturday at second job, what on earth will i do with myself with an actual weekend.

must de-clutter more stuff, just a little!

i didn’t want to go to alcatraz until i knew the Rosenberg’s had umm stayed there.

although i’m not slim, because to running i no longer need to buy the large pair of tights. i have, and they keep gathering, ugh. must buy smaller!

cat watch is going well, we are all getting along, though for the life of me i forget their names every time, so i’ve nick named them speedy, tropicana cat, and the one that has the house.

i really like living alone. but i miss waking up/going to sleep with someone. this is most annoying.

i got my hair cut and coloured yesterday, both are quite suburban, and i’m not ready for suburbia yet. i did say i want a drastic change.

i had an organic cola with lunch. i don’t really drink soft drink or juice. but that cola hit the spot today.

i know zero, about the american civil war, so i’ve started watching a series on it. i will probably follow this up with books, lots of them.

i leave in 5 weeks, and still have a pile of books to get through. less internet, more printed word.

image via we heart it


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