the drop out

Two weeks ago I decided not to go ahead with the marathon, actually my trainer and I decided together.

Reason? I am utterly burnt out. I’ve been working 6 days a week for the past year – sometimes seven days. I have completed another two half marathons this year, and trying very hard to make a new life for myself post break up.

We decided that leaving work, having a farewell, running a marathon and getting on a 12 hour flight to San Francisco in a three-day period was even by my own ‘do everything now’ standard – way too much!

I have no regrets. I didn’t want to get sick on my holiday (I spent half of my Japan trip with a horrid cold for the same reason). I didn’t want to get injured, or just not enjoy the experience.

Plus I really miss running hills! I know.

I did think about the half and the ten km race, but I would rather spend my money in San Francisco and run through the streets and up the hills there.

I’m going to spend my remaining weeks here doing short and medium runs around town, maybe even a long one. I’m even thinking of running the three peaks, I’ve only run one, and always meant to do the others.

Sometimes dropping out isn’t a bad thing, sometimes you need to put yourself first.

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One Response to the drop out

  1. kathryn says:

    enjoy not doing your marathon – sometimes it’s about priorities 🙂

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