monday i’m in love

I can’t believe it’s six weeks until I leave New Zealand. When did that happen?

I’ll be finalising my tickets this week, and will be heading to San Francisco on the way to Toronto! This will be my first ever visit to the USA, my passport is currently making its way back to me with my shiny US tourist visa in it!

Right, back to the love this Monday.

  • Read, remember and then print this.
  • Vist NZ, go on. Seriously I spend every single day on the website. So much so, my co workers think I should work for the airline. I LOVE air nz. Take note Air Canada, you have huge shoes to fill, huge!
  • Sas, and her list of awesome. I need to come up with one of those.
  • Toronto Alley Tours – will be doing this when I arrive.

What are you loving this Monday?

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One Response to monday i’m in love

  1. sas says:

    so exciting! i love the build up to traveling x

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