Friday Folly

At 4.15am this morning I awoke to a cat attempting (it seems) to use my hair as some kind of cushion, although I was possibly too close to the headboard for this to work. So I awoke to find the cat, just hanging near my head, as you do.

I only found this amusing as I my alarm would be going off 30 minutes later. If it was a normal day the cat and I would have had words.

Why up so bloody early you ask?

I had an interview for a US Tourist Visa. As i’ll be living in Canada I can’t get the usual electronic visa that i’d normally be eligible for – something to do with living in a bordering country. So instead I needed to apply for the big kahuna visa!

Which meant having to fly to Auckland to have the interview and get a sweet visa so I can make the odd weekend trip, and go to San Fran on my way to Canada.


I was successful. My passport will be back with me next week, with an 5 year visa in it.


Which means I can book my tickets next week!



image via we heart it

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