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Hi Guys!

Sorry I have not posted at all since my return from Japan. Crazy to think it’s almost been a month since I’ve been back, and that in a month and a bit I’ll be off on my next adventure – the insanity!

What I’ve been up to you ask?

  • I’ve resigned from work.
  • Moved into my sweet house/cat sitting gig (signing across my old lease to my old flatmate this weekend – can’t wait!)
  • Got rid of alot of ‘stuff’ – still have more to go, but not too much. I have a lot of books to read!
  • My weekend work has dried up, or will dry up next weekend. This will mean for the first time in a year, I’ll have an actual weekend. My wallet will be sad, but my soul is yelling ‘about freakin time woman’!
  • Speaking of which, what do people do on the weekend?!
  • I’m carefully updating my CV.
  • Downgraded my marathon plan. I’m a bit worn out, and thinking I could leave here, finish work, and two days later run a marathon is a bit much even for me!
  • Off to Sydney the week before I leave for Toronto on a work trip, I’m yay and argh about the whole thing. Means I can stock up on the all important chocolate freckles though.
  • Looking for lovely places to live in Toronto.
  • Catching up with friends.

What’s next?

Having a semi regular blogging schedule. I’m all about quality over quantity.

Upcoming posts, I have them a plenty.

  • Japan Guide
  • Budgeting for YOU
  • Sponsors, yo – don’t freak out know, it’s kind of what you think it is but not really.
  • The thirty for my thirties list
  • Monday I’m In Love! (Yes I’ve been slack/busy/packing/drinking coffee)
  • And much more, ha.

love love xx






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