hot nights, hot city

Tonight is my last night in Tokyo. It’s been a scorcher of a day. Tomorrow night I fly back into winter and won’t see summer until this time next year in Toronto.

I have had an amazing time, and I am so glad I decided to come here to celebrate turning 30. I have seen so much and yet at the same time so little of the amazing country, I will come back.

I have had time to relax and ponder and let plans creep in, nice plans, good times and things to work on because I want to.

The best thing about these two weeks away is that I kind of found part of myself here, not that I was that lost, but I’m glad I found that part of me nonetheless.

Here is to doing awesome things because you want to and because you can.

And you are very much worth it.

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One Response to hot nights, hot city

  1. kathryn says:

    Yah! It was fun seeing you again. We didn’t have a drink for your birthday though 😦

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