and next up we have…

I’ve started to think about all the things I need to do once I get back home next week. In a effort to get it out of my head for the remainder of my holiday I thought I should just write it all down, and get back to holiday fun.

Not much to do seeing as I’m leaving New Zealand in early November, no, not much at all…


– transfer the lease and bills across to my flatmate.

– have my birthday dinner with friends.

– clean out, pack up, throw out anything I am not taking to Toronto. I’m allowing myself one small box of good to be posted once I have a place to live. Everything else? It goes in my pack, and it’s small people.

– move to my awesome house sitting/cat sitting gig in the hills.

– start training properly for the marathon which is at the end of October. which i pulled out of, way too busy!

– purchase my plane ticket.

– purchase my insurance.

– decide/apply for a us visa so I can do weekend visits during my time in Canada.

– save more money.

– resign from work.

– update my cv, and send it out.

– organise somewhere to stay my first week or two, or three in Toronto.

– organise some leaving drinks.

– purchase flights and accomodation for the marathon.

– finish the marathon.

– get on the plane.

I’m sure I will find more to add to the list, but for now it just needs to be out of my head for a few more days, then I will tackle it with glee!

*Image via we heart it

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