a letter from my 29 year old self

dear lucinda,

you’ll be 30 tomorrow, did we ever think this day would come around, no. seriously perhaps we should have started on the anti wrinkle/more sunscreen regime earlier, or maybe like we should have started it full stop.

yesterday you had a little tear filled hour or so in your hotel room in Kyoto. but you are okay now, and you will be, and you know that, and you’ve kind of known it all along.

so i’ll leave you with some things to remember of from your twenties, which were awesome and a bit crap all at the same time.

finishing university

running your first marathon

moving to new zealand

learning about finances

going to japan to celebrate turning 30

falling in love

attempting again to learn french

finally wearing colours

wearing your hair out

making awesome friends

learning to make pancakes

attending cocktail classes

watching the entire series of madmen thus far after the breakup

standing up for yourself

singing karaoke in Tokyo

going to see a psychologist and actually working on stuff, rather than bottling it up

your on/off love affair with weight watchers

realising your not at all bad, and kind of cool, in a nerdy yet rather awesome way

so much has led up to this day, one you really did think you’d never make, and in saying that make sure your thirties and beyond are for things you want to do, with the people you want, in the places you dream of, remember to give back often, and don’t say sorry for anything, unless you are being a bit of a dick.

above all have fun, do what makes you happy, and be the best you can be.


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