day zero

I’m writing this from the airport lounge, giddy, tired, and terrified.

I had a pretty good day at work, and tidied up things pretty early so I could relax/print some last minute items before I left for the airport. I won some lounge passes off Air New Zealand earlier in the week, so was keen to get to the airport so I could make use and hang out, and relax. The passes hadn’t arrived but a quick call to the airline sorted that and the people in the lounge were lovely! Also because I couldn’t check in on the automated system as I was flying on an international flight the following day I had to go through manual check in – the guy that checked me in had worked in Japan for nine years and made me introduce myself in Japanese, it was awesome, what are the odds?!

I hung around the lounge for a couple of hours just happily using the free wi fi and drinking ginger ale, and I finally started to relax, but at the same time I started to get a funny throat (it has actually started earlier that day). I promised myself to rest as much, get an early night both that night, and even possibly when I hit Tokyo – just so it doesn’t get any worse. At the moment I still feel the same, like I’m getting something, but it hasn’t hit. I’m hoping a good night or two sleep will do the trick and save me from holiday cold.

My flight to Auckland was very speedy and the guy I sat next to on the flight also had done exchange in Japan and worked there on and off with a NZ company and still does. Again, the odds?

I got a good deal at the novotel across from the international terminal, and it really is across – maybe 50 metres! It’s new, and I repacked all my gear, and attempted to get some sleep. It was quite a restless night, as I was worried about sleeping in and missing the flight, so I maybe have had 2-3 hours sleep.

Check in at Auckland was pretty quick and simple, and I finally worked out the electronic gate for immigration, normally I take my glasses off, and then can’t see the prompt, so end up having to go in the normal queue. BUT today I thought I would try it and keep my glasses on, and it worked, yes!

Security was also pretty swift. I don’t normally take liquids on flights but seeing as this one is a ten hours plus I’ve take a travel toothpaste, lip balm and deod.

I checked back into the lounge, which is lovely. I never really thought about joining them as I have terrible motion sickness so I can’t really eat before and alot of the time during a flight – but I can still see the benefit. Besides having really nice food and drinks,  the space is well planned with quiet spaces, free wifi, magazines and newspapers, and showers. I’m sure there are alot of other cool things, but it’s still pretty nice, and the staff are not snooty.

I’ve got about 45 minutes until I need to board. And my flight plan is to sleep a couple of hours then watch movies, learn some more japanese!, and drink plenty of water, move about, and enjoy!

I still can’t believe I’m going!

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