In my bag – the travel bathroom edition


I’ve always been keen to see what people carry about them, especially when they travel. I’ve been working on the contents of my toiletry bag for a while now, and packed it tonight.

Things I thought about when decided what to go in the bag.

+ items i need

shampoo, conditioner, leave in conditioner (assisting in the humidity folks), cotton buds, perfume (will run out of), deod, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, razor and cream, tweezers.

+items i need because i am travelling about

 sewing kit, cotton squares, sleepease, ‘beautifuel’ serum,

+ items i need because of the weather

talc, anti chafe

+ items i want to take for other reasons

moisturiser – that large bottle you can see, almost empty, my skin gets very dry, plus I use it on my face and it works a treat.

spf tinted moisturiser – i hardly wear makeup, but want to look reasonable in holiday snaps, plus it’s sun protection

lipstick – is going to double as my blush!

olive leaf complex mouth spray – tastes gross, but will keep the bugs at bay!

Weight came into the equation as well, hence why alot of the items are almost empty. It will be interesting to see what I use and don’t touch at all.

What do you take when you go away?

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