Japan, yo.

Some days at lunch a work mate quizzes me on my beginner japanese knowledge.

Friend: Where is the toilet?

Me: What! *panic ensues, mind goes blank*

Friend: Dude, take your time.

Me: Oh this is not good.

Friend: Don’t drink much water then perhaps.

Me: Laughs – inside a knot develops, and my bladder goes mwhahahaha.

I’m somewhat nervous about my trip. Good nerves, but still, I worry.

1. I need to practice my phrases more, so I can find the bathroom (I’ve memorised male and female in kanji though!). I’m going to rewrite my notes from my japanese class to reinforce everything, but also make it easier to reference to when I get lost, need a bathroom and it’s isn’t clear or just need something.

2. I must buy some summer clothes, it’s winter here. No shorts in sight at the shops. I am well aware it will be stinking hot and humid. And my skirt alone is not going to cut it. I fear there may be a post in the future titled ‘How to refashion your work pants into stylish holiday shorts’.

3. Think about day trips. Maybe more than just think, but I’ll think, just for now.

4. Print out my train ticket times and schedules so I can book them when I get to the airport. I know I’ll be very very tired and will be barely open to converse, so these will come in handy for pointing and smiling and saying please and thank you, a lot.

5. Write my packing list out. Do it.

6. Chill, medidate, relax before bed time. Why? Because I lay in bed at night going OMG i’m going to Japan in x days. And then I can’t sleep!

What do you focus on the week before you go on holiday?

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