life lists – on how to be better organised

I work 6 days a week in two jobs, I used to be rather disorganised, now, not so much. Am I still untidy though?  Yes.

So here is my advice for those wanting make life slightly more organised.  It’s a small list, and it is what works for me. If you have anything you would like to add then leave a comment.


Don’t let your washing, clothing or otherwise pile up, and if it does try and clear it before the weekend. Nothing better than waking up for the weekend and having less to do.

Live in a sharehouse? – make a roster, yes we are all adults and so on. Make up the roster people. Do it.

Make your bed. I need to get back into doing this…


Consolidate all those stickies on your desk – yes it may mean one huge list, but at least then it’s all in one place.

Write a small to do list for the day. Aim to cross off two. If you get through more, bonus. I’m doing this at the moment, helps me get through things with that pre I want to be on holiday mood.

When you leave work on Friday – spend some time cleaning up your desk.  It feels great to come back a somewhat neater workstation on a Monday morning.

Other rad things

Use your calendar/or get one – I use my gmail calendar constantly, but I also use my desk calendar to note important meetings. Use whatever calendar you like, but use one! And if you use an electronic version, keep a paper back up.

Write the due dates for your bills down in one place as soon as you get them – as soon as people. I use my calendar to write them into.

When you have time.

Clean your oven.



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One Response to life lists – on how to be better organised

  1. kathryn says:

    If you pay your bills as soon as you get them then don’t even have to write down the due date!

    Making your bed is so worth the few seconds it takes It makes coming homne so much more pleasant.

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