the sabbatical: initial thoughts

i’m thinking about taking next year off to travel across canada from west to east and then spend the year after that living in toronto – the original plan was to move straight to toronto.


i’m going to talk to my banker friend once i get back from Japan to see if it is at all possible. if it isn’t that’s cool. i’ll just complete the plan in reverse. or take three months to get across or six, i’m open to change, so nothing is set in stone.

yeah,  i reckon it could work.

you guys?


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2 Responses to the sabbatical: initial thoughts

  1. sas says:

    brilliant idea! DO IT!

    there s something uniquely wonderful about planning this kind of trip – all that possibility energy. I have never felt so free as when all possessions are in a backpack holding my plane ticket 🙂

  2. shauna says:

    hell yes! you gotta do these things while you’re young enough to get the visas… go for gold, baby! 🙂

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