all about milk

Over a year ago leading up to my first marathon my trainer and I went over my diet, to see what would fuel me better on my runs. Besides eating less cake, or more to the point not being really strict about what I eat and then eat cake and baked goods for three days. I needed to be a bit more gentle on myself.

The other change I made was to eat more whole foods, and one of the most drastic changes I made (for me) was to start having full fat milk and yoghurt, organic when possible. I remember being quite tentative at the time about it as I had been brought up mainly on low fat milk, and then switched to soy and rice milk for a few years – mainly because it was ‘hip’ and I wasn’t.

I thought once I made the switch the weight would pile on. Nope, hasn’t happened. Weight has come on because I’ve been eating sugar more than I ever have – it’s okay i’ve stopped doing that. But other than that, it’s all good.

Milk, full fat that is, is not the devil. Unless you are lactose intolerant, then yeah, stay well away.

I used to be rather obsessed about what I ate and had very little fat in my diet. Fat isn’t the devil either. You just need to have a little common sense about it. I’ve seen a few friends go down the obsessive track, and focus on the number on the scale as their only measure of performance, and frankly i’m over it.

You are not the number, I am not the number.

Do I want to lose weight, hell yes. But I’m going to do it in a sensible manner and keep my sanity intact, and so you should you.

Now go and drink your milk.


image via we heart it

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