monday, i’m in love*

So, you’re at work, it’s Monday, sigh. It’s raining, snowing, it’s freakin too hot for comfort. You need some distraction or feel good times (not that feel good, not at work anyway) and you can’t/ don’t want to, already tried your usual Monday survival tactics.

Make time, go to one of these places, and all will be well.

Smaggle – I only just discovered Lady Smaggle, but, after years of trying to find a decent/hip/totally lucinda hair cut, I found it – it’s hers. So much so, I’m going to get a Smaggle inspired cut this week or next. Goodbye boring hair!

Yes and Yes – Sarah just spent a few months back in her spiritual homeland of Wellington, if I had not been so shy I would have sent her an email to meet up and buy her tea/beer/cookies. A friend put me onto her blog post breakup with a guarantee that is would help make me feel less meh. It did SO much more than that. When I move to TO I’ll get in touch with her and take her out or something. She’s like my virtual hero without knowing it. *okay i’ll stop gushing now*

Project Me – Kathryn and I go waaay back. Like when I was a blogging in Melbourne and I just got into running. Now she lives in Tokyo and we are meeting up for karaoke and ramen in a few weeks!

Hello Sandwich – Found via Kathryn. Rekindled my love of craft. Even though I’m not buying any crafty type things until I move to TO. If she has workshop whilst i’m in Tokyo, I’m going.

blogTO – Getting to know my new town via the world-wide web.

KathEats – I love her home clean home series – love, love, love. But that’s about it really. I don’t hate the blog, back up people. Just for love of god stop talking about the bakery. There, I said it.

Already Pretty – Hands down best ever style blog for anyone. Tall, short, thin, not so thin, she caters to all. Her tips have made me more adventurous with colour, layering, oh and wearing my summer dresses in winter with some neat keeping warm and stylish tips! I can’t wear heels (any kind), but her Sunday Shoes series may indeed change my mind.

*monday i’m in love is the new weekly series  at lucindalucinda of all things feel good and fab whether it be a blog, article, or awesome stuff i’ve seen and think you should know about, or at least look at, you know, a little.

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2 Responses to monday, i’m in love*

  1. Kate says:

    Love this positive post! 😀 Can’t wait to read all about your adventures overseas.

  2. Love this post! I absolutely adore so many of these blogs—Sarah actually spent last week camped out on my couch 🙂 It was lovely—she’s definitely one of my heroes, too. I love the Hello, Sandwich link and am looking forward to reading more.

    What a lovely post! Glad I found you!

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