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winter yo

I am trying to embrace winter this year, more so because after I finish my New Zealand winter, I’ll be off to a Canadian one, yes two winters back to back. I know, I know.

Spirulina – I generally buy it mixed with a juice, which ever one is on sale at the supermarket. I use it in conjuction with a few vitamin c, and a ginger, honey and lemon drink from a local cafe. This is my cold busting remedy.

Ginger water – My trainer put me onto this, it’s easy and cheap. Boil some water add ginger, boil away. Let cool and chill, then pour into your water bottle to drink away during the day. Works wonders!

Olive leaf complex – Also via my trainer a few weeks back when I was feeling like I was getting cold, and my normal remedy wasn’t working. I got a peppermint boosted bottle, as it makes it slightly more tasty, it tastes gross, a bit pricey, but so far it works! I also found a herbal tea that has olive leaf complex in it, and after getting used to the taste I now drink it most days, and alot on weekends instead of coffee. I’m a weekday decaf drinker.

Running – Or any form of exercise for that matter. It’ll keep you happy and especially in the morning, it’s a great start to your day. I ran all through last winter, and didn’t get sick and am doing that this year as well. Yeah it’s cold to start, but you warm up.

Heat – Keep your house warm, it doesn’t have to be like the tropics, but turn the heater on if it is in fact cold. I have a little heater in my room that I turn on a couple hours before bed. It doesn’t make it roasting hot by any means, but it does take the edge off, and it get turns off as soon as I am in bed – as I am paranoid about falling asleep and the apartment burning down.

Sleep – Get plenty of sleep, people get run down in winter and people also tend to go to work whilst still sick. Having a good sleep each night, is paramount! I know when I feel run down, an early night can work wonders.

*I have no loyalty to teas – and I only drink them in winter. This one just had olive leaf in it, but it does ‘feel’ like it helps keep things happy in winter. I might need to do a small post on my tiny tea collection. At work a friend and I invest in a nice box of dilmah, seeing as the work tea is, well, shite.

Do you have a winter remedy/habit you swear by?

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