i don’t know where i’m going but i promise it won’t be boring*

Japan entered the picture via way of the break up, mine. I had always intended to spend my 30th in France, but it wasn’t meant to be. To be honest the idea of spending my 30th in a rather romantic country, single, well it was my idea of hell.

So I tried to think of the most unromantic but fun and special place to spend my birthday, and Japan entered my brain and never left. I’ve been somewhat fascinated ever since.

I’m off in a little over seven weeks for a two week adventure through Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.  I’m excited to be going to a place so different from my own, and having a rather brief but not my last insight into life there. I’m excited to discover new cities, tackle the subway and language barrier, try my favourite food in its country of origin, and soak in an onsen, wander around temples, meet new people and put to rest any doubts I had about heading in the direction my own compass is currently taking me.

My plane tickets, rail pass and insurance are booked are paid for. Accomodation has been sorted. Ideas are coming and going for things to do. I’ll be heading to a cooking class in Kyoto along with an afternoon where I shall be dressed and made up like a Maiko or Geisha – there is a tiny part of me that cringes about this idea, but the most of me goes, ‘give it a go’. Other than that my head is a flurry of fancy – fish markets, food stalls, markets, temples, karaoke, bicycle touring and shinkansen trips await.

I’m having trouble sleeping I’m so excited!

Have you been to Japan, what would be on your list?



*title credit goes to mr d. bowie.

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One Response to i don’t know where i’m going but i promise it won’t be boring*

  1. Jaime says:

    I’m so envious, I can’t wait to read every minute of your journey :D. Pics galore too please.

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